Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cut-Crease Makeup Look

Hello lovelies! I have recently been trying my hand at cut crease makeup looks, and this is the one I did today, it is purple and white on my lid and the cut crease is blue with some black to intensify the color a bit. Hope you guys like it =)

                     This one is from yesterday, didn't think it was worthy of a whole post, but still sharing it :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Tutorial-2

The day is finally here where we can eat our little hearts out and nobody will judge us! Lmao =D This is my makeup for the day I hope you all like it and if you are still unsure of how to do yours you can always use this handy tutorial. The gold strip is optional for you gals who don't like too much attention on your eyes. I hope you have fun, I know I will!

1. Begin with a bare face and add primer with a white highlight on your brow bone. (Tape recommended for definition!)
2. Add a brown color like so.
3. Blend it out toward your inner corner.
4. Add your black shadow in a "<" shape
5. Darken up that black until desired smokyness is achieved.
6. Take off the tape and create a line with liquid eyeliner.
7. Trace right above your liquid liner with a gold wet eyeshadow or gold eyeliner.
8. Apply false lashes & mascara.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Makeup Tutorial

          Hey Beauties! Today I have put together a step-by-step Thanksgiving makeup tutorial just in case you are not sure what to do with your eye shadow, you can do this simple elegant look =) If you try it out Email me your pictures I would LOVE to see!

1. Start with a bare face and put primer all over your eyelid to keep eye shadow in tact. 
2. Apply a white shimmery shadow to your brow-bone, and a golden color right on your lid.
3. Apply a coppery shadow on your crease and outer corner of eye.
4. Go over that same color with a dark brown/black shadow and blend well.
5. Apply your white highlight again on your brow-bone and blend.
6. Take the tape off, and put a shimmery white color on your inner corners to make your eye pop.
7. Create a wing with your black eyeliner.
8. Apply false eyelashes (optional)
9. You are done! (Click pics to make them larger)

Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Purple Eyes

I am so excited about Thanksgiving! Only two more days =) Well on with my makeup.. today I put a pinkish reddish color from my coastal scents palette and dark purple on my crease. I loved the way the colors blended together. I am going to experiment a bit for Thanksgiving so check back tomorrow if you need makeup ideas!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Different Faces

Hello my beautiful friends, today my cousin was over and we decided to do her make-up, It was night out so the pictures (sadly) didn't come out very well.. but hopefully you can still enjoy them! Also.. A few days ago my friend came over for dinner, and I did her makeup as well. I really love these girls eye shapes and long natural lashes, they are so lucky. Some of us are stuck wearing falsies but it's okay right =) I love my false lashes lol.

Questions: What is your preference in eye shadow colors? ex: natural, bright?

My cousin Lina, this is her before picture:

And After...

Close-Up... Picture doesn't do justice =(

 Here is my gorgeous friend Paola:

Close-up of her eye.

Thank you ladies for letting me take pictures!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Normal School Day...

Today was a normal Tuesday at school, I decided to do a full black eye shadow all over my lid using Night Sky by Maybelline. You can get it from amazon: Maybelline New York Expert Wear or Target. Then I wore a regular black and white striped shirt and these boots from Shiekh. These are not exactly the ones I have, but they are pretty close and looks like they are only $10!! I wish I would have known about this online sale! lol.

Question: What is your favorite online store?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sweater Dress + Pink Shadow

This was my first time wearing a sweater dress, I didn't think it would really help keep me warm, since after all it's still a dress! Well I wore it to my cousin't engagement dinner and WOW it was so warm and I loved how it looked =) I also wore a pink shadow on my lid and smoked it out with black. So It wasn't too bright or popped out too much. Here are some pictures!

                                                                 Excuse the background XD

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Green With Envy

Sorry I have been M.I.A for a while :(  Well anyway I bought a couple of things from ELF and a new lipstick from L'oreal. I also got some sponges to apply my foundation with =D.

So I have not tried everything here.. but if I really like something I'll be sure to share! I did try The elf primer though, and it sucked so bad! As soon as I applied it..... IT CREASED! So I do not recommend spending your $1 on that, lol. I am totally loving their mascara and bronzer though! I still need to try the brush shampoo, makeup mist, correcting powder... OH I also got these neat eyebrow trimmers that TRANSFORMED my brows! I am definitely buying these again!

Today I wanted to wear green shadow for some odd reason and I came up with this!

There is like a lime green on my lid and a nice grassy green on the crease with glitter over it and green on my lower lash line. I also added some black on the ends of my crease for more definition.

My lashes are from EBAY 99 cents, free shipping! Heck Yes!

<3 you all, How are you spending Veterans Day?