Thursday, November 10, 2011

Green With Envy

Sorry I have been M.I.A for a while :(  Well anyway I bought a couple of things from ELF and a new lipstick from L'oreal. I also got some sponges to apply my foundation with =D.

So I have not tried everything here.. but if I really like something I'll be sure to share! I did try The elf primer though, and it sucked so bad! As soon as I applied it..... IT CREASED! So I do not recommend spending your $1 on that, lol. I am totally loving their mascara and bronzer though! I still need to try the brush shampoo, makeup mist, correcting powder... OH I also got these neat eyebrow trimmers that TRANSFORMED my brows! I am definitely buying these again!

Today I wanted to wear green shadow for some odd reason and I came up with this!

There is like a lime green on my lid and a nice grassy green on the crease with glitter over it and green on my lower lash line. I also added some black on the ends of my crease for more definition.

My lashes are from EBAY 99 cents, free shipping! Heck Yes!

<3 you all, How are you spending Veterans Day?


  1. I love the make up look! I never wear green xD
    Nice haul, sucks the primer is no good.
    ~I tagged you by the way for a tagging game~