Monday, December 12, 2011

Birthday Girl- White Eyeliner

Yesterday was my birthday, YAY! I had loads of fun with all of my friends and family. We went to San Francisco and had a blast, I am finally 21 =p This was my makeup look for my birthday, excuse the mess I call hair, lol I didn't take too many pictures and I was still in the process of getting ready =/

Close-up, trying out my new white liner =p

Going home after a long night<3

Thursday, December 8, 2011

FOTD Smoky Hues

Hello lovelies, today I wore a smoky shadow with pink and purple tones, I paired it with my new obsession, this awesome Revlon lipstick. I was thinking of cutting my hair, it is getting way too long for my taste. Any ideas would help! I look forward to hearing from you all and I promise to update way more often as soon as I am done with finals (next week) ahh study study! The life of a college student =p

Close-up, I need to work on keeping my eyes more open lol, the flash is so bright on my camera!

You can get this lipstick HERE (Not sure why my camera made it look purple, it is actually a pinky color)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Canon Powershot Sx150 IS + NYX Eyeshadow Base

So I finally got a new camera! YAY!! I am so excited I am not done playing around with it but I love the pictures it takes, they are soo clear and detailed =D. It is a canon powershot sx150 IS. I bought this one from Best Buy but I just noticed I would have saved myself like 50 bucks on Amazon =/ ehh. Either way I am happy  with my purchase, maybe now I can have better pictures on here for you guys.

I have been hearing great things about the NYX Eye Shadow Base in White so I decided to go out and buy it online. Since I promised you all some swatches for the BH palette, I used the NYX base for the swatches, so you can admire them both ;) Btw, I really like the NYX base so far, I love how its an inexpensive alternative to all the other pricey bases.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

BH 120 Palette + Broadway Nails

Hello everyone today I am super excited because yesterday I received my 120 Bh Cosmetics Palette!! It is super cheap right now and it arrived at my door in just 2 days! Anyway I was trying out some colors and they are just superb. So very pigmented and beautiful I am definitely going to be using this one a million times more than my coastal scents palette. Here is a picture of it and I will do some swatches tomorrow in the daylight for you guys =D

I also purchased these awesome nails from Target (you glue them on) They are called: Broadway Nails-Fashion Diva Divine. I have been wearing them for a couple days now and they are still perfectly beautiful. I have even scrubbed so many dishes and I'm surprised they are still on (not even one has fallen off!)

I wish you all a fun and safe weekend!