Saturday, November 10, 2012

Makeup organizer by Caboodles

I have really been needing some type of organizer for my makeup, but I didn't want one of those rolling carts with like 10 drawers. Then it's still basically not organized, just hidden. I went to target and I found this super cute clear acrylic organizer in the makeup section. This is the only one I found for my desktop so I bought it. Here is how it looks:

After seeing this stuff organized looking so pretty and neat, I decided to buy another one, but this time I went to a different target in my area. They had another organizer by caboodles as well, just a different style. I haven't set it up yet with anything but here it is in its package:

These organizers are about $15, but they were worth it for me, because I am not too neat, so these things are a lifesaver.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A VERY Late Halloween Post

I am well aware that we are in the month of November and clearly very past Halloween, I just wanted to share my Halloween makeup (basically copied from monroemisfitmakeup) and my boyfriend's, done by me of course. Maybe someone can appreciate these looks next year =) Goodnight, xoxo

 Here I am as Chucky

My Boyfriend, as Darth Maul

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Urban Decay Vice Palette

Hey everyone I dropped by Macy's today and picked up this beautiful palette by Urban Decay called "The Vice Palette" I just love how there are so many varieties of colors, you can do neutral looks and bold over the top looks. I am so excited to use this and I will definitely keep you all updated on how I like it. So far I can tell that a little goes a long way, a small dab with my finger and I've got so much pigmentation. If any of you have this one feel free to share any looks you create or what you think of it =)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Epilator Review

Hello all! Today I will be reviewing this Remington epilator I purchased at Target. I previously had the wet/dry panasonic epilator. An epilator is basically a hair removal system that rips hair out from its root with a bunch of built in tweezers. I find it much better than waxing, personally, because waxing pulls your skin, which over time will cause it to sag.
This Remington epilator was $59.99. It comes with two attachments. One for your overall body, legs, underarms, wherever you need it. And the other for precision areas: face, bikini line ect. The reason I switched from the wet/dry Panasonic to this one was because of a few reasons: It had  two rows of tweezers (so like the bigger attachment but an extra roll next to it) which caused my underarm skin to get caught in between. NOT PRETTY! Also because if it was plugged in you could not use it and the power ran out very quickly. I would only get one leg done and have to wait for the next day. And lastly because it seemed to skip many hairs even if they were definitely long enough to be epilated.
Remmington Epilator
 -Does not pull or hurt my skin (other than the obvious plucking pain)
-Has a smaller attachment which is great for the middle of my eyebrows 
-Very fast epilation + gets every single hair
-Portable and comes with it's own bag to carry in
-You are warned! Be careful with the small attachment, you cannot push this one in like you would on the bigger one. I tried it on my upper lip and pressed in which totally gave me a burning rash! You must not press just lightly go over and it will work perfectly.
-The pain. If you cannot handle tweezing your eyebrows then you may not be able to handle this. I find the underarms to be the most sensitive.
Overall I really like this and I'm happy I upgraded! It was cheaper than my old one and works much much better. Hopefully it will also last very long =)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

FOTD-Subtle Bright

Hi!! I am on break from school! Finally I have a bit of time to do things I like. (Blogging, Scrapbooking, Makeup) This makeup look was for my sister's first communion party. I had yellow flowers on my nails so I decided to match it with my makeup without doing a whole yellow eye shadow application. I hope you all enjoy, have a wonderful day! XOXO

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Green Wing- FOTD

Hello!! Here is a really quick FOTD. I winged a green sparkly liner where normally my black liner goes to make my eyes stand out a bit. I also put a bit of brown shadow above my crease creating an effortless eye.

Hmm I don't have much news other than I have been studying my butt off for my final on Wednesday and then I will be FREE =) I am looking forward to my small break because I have signed up for summer classes, so it is going to be hectic all year round. Hope you are all having a happy Saturday!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

All in One Post

So this post is going to be all over the place lol. Here is my makeup for the day. I used my BH Palette and put a coppery brown on my lid and blue right above it with a hint of black on my crease. By the way Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!!!
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I purchased these items today at the mall. First: A much needed primer by Urban Decay, and secondly: two colored eyeliners. I needed to spend a certain amount at the store for them to accept my card so I grabbed this dark green and purple color.

4 belts

I also bought these shoes. I thought they were super cute, and I'm happy with them except for one thing. The woman who rang me up actually sold me the display shoe without me noticing!! She looked kind of off so I checked the shoe size and they matched so I paid. I noticed when I got home though URGG. 

This is my last item, it's just a simple white shirt with a see through back. I will be wearing this with an undershirt because it's super sheer, but very pretty in my opinion.

Oh and I almost forgot to share my nails. I just got my order of dotters and decided to put them in use by creating this dotted design. I hope you enjoyed this post. Come back SOON =)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Girly FOTD

 This is a very girly eye-makeup, consisting of multiple feel-good colors. If I could redo this one, I would do a night time version of it. So the colors would be more dark and on the outer part of the purple, I would add some black. I hope you enjoy this one.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

FOTD-Smoky Eye, Fair Skin

Hey there, here is my FOTD, I am using a new product today to conceal my dark circles. I am using Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles treatment concealer. So far I like it very much and will definitely be buying another once this one runs out.

Non- mess applicator 
Perfect shade with my skin tone
Conceals very well
Has a lot of product in tube

Too much product comes out, one click can cover both eyes
Need a brush to blend because the one attached has too much product on it

This is a basic smoky eye, but what I did to make it stand out a bit more was: I extended my inner corners inward with a black liner and added black eyeshadow under my waterline to make my eyeliner look darker.

You can see where I extended my inner corner better with this picture:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bright Yellow

Hey gals! I was feeling like doing something bright/daring for all you brave girls who like this type of makeup. I have a yellow all over my lid and black "cut crease" type of style. I hope you enjoy it! 

In other news: I have an exam coming up and I might not be able to post until Wednesday =(
Be sure to like my FACEBOOK page, I'll be uploading pictures there for sure.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Water Marbling Overview + tips

Hey guys here is the mess I made on my nails while trying to water marble them, lol. I actually really like this style of doing your nails, it's very different and fun if you have the patience! I noticed not many people like this because they either: cannot get the nail polish to disperse well in the water, or their designs come out looking like crap. I'm in no way putting them down I just personally think it takes some practice and if you master it then you will def. be the envy in your group of nail polish lovers.
I obviously need to clean these up a bit more (and I screwed up the tip of my middle nail) but here is the end product:

This was my "work station" I used:
Bottled water (room temperature)*Plastic bottle cut open*Nail Polish remover*A couple orange sticks*Nail polish*Tape*Scissors.

You can look up a video on youtube for a visual tutorial I am only specifying what I did that worked for myself.
1.I prepped my nails with a basecoat (Essie)
2. Cut out 30 pieces of tape and put them around my nails so that I wouldn't get too much nail polish on my fingers.
3. Painted my nails white using a sally hansen nail polish.
4.I added some nail polish remover into my room temperature bottled water so that the polishes would disperse better.
5. Created a "bulls-eye" adding one drop at a time and alternating between white and purple nail polish. (Sally Hansen and Ulta brand)
6. Created a swirl with my orange stick and stuck my finger right above the prettiest design.
7. While my finger was still inside I used my orange stick and removed all excess polish from water, then removed my finger and repeated for the rest on my nails.

I am really loving this way of applying nail polish so I am going to be doing it again soon!
Quick tip: To conserve time, make two designs in the water and dip TWO fingers in! then you also save nail polish =) Good luck!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey =)

Hello everyone just a reminder that I am alive and doing well! Lol =)  I have been trying to do something new, it is called water marbling. It's basically this cool technique for applying various colors on your nails "easily". I am still in the process of getting the hang of it so I can blog about it. Hope you are all well, I will leave you with this FOTD from a few days ago, enjoy and come back soon!

Monday, April 16, 2012

FOTD: Neutral and POP of Color

Hey everyone here is my face of the day! It's just a very neutral look with a pop of color on my lower lashline. I wore this out for some mall time with a few friends, my husband and my daughter. I went to Coldstone Creamery and was very upset by the fact that they don't carry Twix anymore as a choice for their add ons =( Other than that is was a fun time I hope you all enjoy! Until next time =)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Layered Shadow

Hey lovelies, here is a makeup look I did using my BH palette. I used an orange on my lid and purple right above that. Then I blended some pink right on the tip of the purple and shaded in my crease with black. Finally a blueish color on my bottom lashes. It is super simple and really fun because it makes you stand out so much. (In a good way) lol. 
I am also open to any requests! So send them in if you have any. 

Random Question: Do you budget your paychecks? How do you make sure that you are using your money wisely and not just on wants?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Liquid Liner How-To [Cat Eye]

Many people have trouble creating a cat eye with liquid liner and there are many problems that arise in the process. It really sucks when you have to find ways to make your liner match on both sides when you screw upon one. So I will show you a nice and easy way to do it. 1.Start with a bare eye for practice and continue on top of any eye shadow once you have it mastered.

 2. Create a line from the very corner of your outer eye and extent it as long as you would like. (Some people like a long dramatic cat eye and others like a barely there cat eye)

3. Now start and the end of your line and return it toward your eye. You will have something like this:

4. Finally, trace your eye with liner with desired thickness, and you are DONE!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Diamond Lashes

This review was requested. Here I am wearing the eyelashes I showed you in my earlier post from forever 21. They cost $1! I wore them to my cousin's baby shower and they were perfect. Usually I have to cut my falsies but these fit just right without poking at my inner corners. I am also sporting my new hair, lol. It is too short for my taste but I absolutely had to get rid of my split ends so it will have to work for now

I apologize in advance for the quality on this picture but you can still see how beautiful these lashes turned out. I am definitely buying more soon!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Small Haul

These things are from forever 21 and the nail polishes are from styles. I recommend the polishes because they are surprisingly good quality and extremely cheap (3 for $5!) They are by L.A Colors. The bows were $1.50 and the lashes $1 each! What a great buy, I am def. going to stock up on lashes when I go back because they turned out very good and I love them. The shades were $5 and they are awesome! The only thing I did not like was the yellow/gold nail polish because it made my nails look as if they had fungus, ewww. Took it off right away lol.

Monday, April 2, 2012


This is Norma, she chose out these fun colors. (Crappy picture quality) But she is still beautiful!

Monday, January 30, 2012

OPI Nail Polish

Today I am in pinky hues =) This is my makeup.. smoked out pink look with a pink glitter in the inner part of my eyes.

The highlight of today's post is actually my nails! I never really do anything with them because I prefer natural, but today I was testing out my sister's OPI Nicki Minaj Mini Lacquer 4-pack. This is the pink one and the sparkly one on top, they are a great combo I love it! (this picture has no flash)

Here it is again with flash =) Enjoy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

How-to "Perfect Eyebrows" + FOTD

 Hello everyone =) I hope you are all doing well, I know I am! Super excited for my excellent grades in college (All A's, yes I am showing off hehe) Well here I am back to blogging and sharing with you beauty ideas/tips so that you can look beautiful everyday. So this post is mainly dedicated to those with over-plucked brows (happens to the best of us!), those with little to no eyebrows, or those who simply want to try the fuller eyebrow look. Enjoy.

 Let us begin with our bare eyebrow, yes mine looks horrible =p

First, you take a very sharp eyeliner or brow pencil closest to the color of your eyebrows. A lot of people are against using black for fear of it being too dark, but if you have a light hand you can use it. So I am using black. Then lining right above my natural line. (If you do it under your natural line, then your eyebrows may look too thick)

I made a rounded shape on my arch since my eyebrows tend to make a pointy shape. But if your prefer the point then you can create that too

Moving on.. take a small brush with an eyeshadow closest to your eyebrow color. Again, I am using a black eyeshadow. Shade in your brow using light strokes until the desired fullness is achieved. Top it off with an eyebrow gel to set it all in and you are done!

Here is my finished eyebrow compared to my other unfinished brow. HUGE difference right?? Well I hope I helped, keep practicing and soon you will be able to transform your brows into whatever you like =)


Here is my makeup close-up: