Monday, January 30, 2012

OPI Nail Polish

Today I am in pinky hues =) This is my makeup.. smoked out pink look with a pink glitter in the inner part of my eyes.

The highlight of today's post is actually my nails! I never really do anything with them because I prefer natural, but today I was testing out my sister's OPI Nicki Minaj Mini Lacquer 4-pack. This is the pink one and the sparkly one on top, they are a great combo I love it! (this picture has no flash)

Here it is again with flash =) Enjoy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

How-to "Perfect Eyebrows" + FOTD

 Hello everyone =) I hope you are all doing well, I know I am! Super excited for my excellent grades in college (All A's, yes I am showing off hehe) Well here I am back to blogging and sharing with you beauty ideas/tips so that you can look beautiful everyday. So this post is mainly dedicated to those with over-plucked brows (happens to the best of us!), those with little to no eyebrows, or those who simply want to try the fuller eyebrow look. Enjoy.

 Let us begin with our bare eyebrow, yes mine looks horrible =p

First, you take a very sharp eyeliner or brow pencil closest to the color of your eyebrows. A lot of people are against using black for fear of it being too dark, but if you have a light hand you can use it. So I am using black. Then lining right above my natural line. (If you do it under your natural line, then your eyebrows may look too thick)

I made a rounded shape on my arch since my eyebrows tend to make a pointy shape. But if your prefer the point then you can create that too

Moving on.. take a small brush with an eyeshadow closest to your eyebrow color. Again, I am using a black eyeshadow. Shade in your brow using light strokes until the desired fullness is achieved. Top it off with an eyebrow gel to set it all in and you are done!

Here is my finished eyebrow compared to my other unfinished brow. HUGE difference right?? Well I hope I helped, keep practicing and soon you will be able to transform your brows into whatever you like =)


Here is my makeup close-up: