Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Water Marbling Overview + tips

Hey guys here is the mess I made on my nails while trying to water marble them, lol. I actually really like this style of doing your nails, it's very different and fun if you have the patience! I noticed not many people like this because they either: cannot get the nail polish to disperse well in the water, or their designs come out looking like crap. I'm in no way putting them down I just personally think it takes some practice and if you master it then you will def. be the envy in your group of nail polish lovers.
I obviously need to clean these up a bit more (and I screwed up the tip of my middle nail) but here is the end product:

This was my "work station" I used:
Bottled water (room temperature)*Plastic bottle cut open*Nail Polish remover*A couple orange sticks*Nail polish*Tape*Scissors.

You can look up a video on youtube for a visual tutorial I am only specifying what I did that worked for myself.
1.I prepped my nails with a basecoat (Essie)
2. Cut out 30 pieces of tape and put them around my nails so that I wouldn't get too much nail polish on my fingers.
3. Painted my nails white using a sally hansen nail polish.
4.I added some nail polish remover into my room temperature bottled water so that the polishes would disperse better.
5. Created a "bulls-eye" adding one drop at a time and alternating between white and purple nail polish. (Sally Hansen and Ulta brand)
6. Created a swirl with my orange stick and stuck my finger right above the prettiest design.
7. While my finger was still inside I used my orange stick and removed all excess polish from water, then removed my finger and repeated for the rest on my nails.

I am really loving this way of applying nail polish so I am going to be doing it again soon!
Quick tip: To conserve time, make two designs in the water and dip TWO fingers in! then you also save nail polish =) Good luck!!

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