Sunday, June 10, 2012

Epilator Review

Hello all! Today I will be reviewing this Remington epilator I purchased at Target. I previously had the wet/dry panasonic epilator. An epilator is basically a hair removal system that rips hair out from its root with a bunch of built in tweezers. I find it much better than waxing, personally, because waxing pulls your skin, which over time will cause it to sag.
This Remington epilator was $59.99. It comes with two attachments. One for your overall body, legs, underarms, wherever you need it. And the other for precision areas: face, bikini line ect. The reason I switched from the wet/dry Panasonic to this one was because of a few reasons: It had  two rows of tweezers (so like the bigger attachment but an extra roll next to it) which caused my underarm skin to get caught in between. NOT PRETTY! Also because if it was plugged in you could not use it and the power ran out very quickly. I would only get one leg done and have to wait for the next day. And lastly because it seemed to skip many hairs even if they were definitely long enough to be epilated.
Remmington Epilator
 -Does not pull or hurt my skin (other than the obvious plucking pain)
-Has a smaller attachment which is great for the middle of my eyebrows 
-Very fast epilation + gets every single hair
-Portable and comes with it's own bag to carry in
-You are warned! Be careful with the small attachment, you cannot push this one in like you would on the bigger one. I tried it on my upper lip and pressed in which totally gave me a burning rash! You must not press just lightly go over and it will work perfectly.
-The pain. If you cannot handle tweezing your eyebrows then you may not be able to handle this. I find the underarms to be the most sensitive.
Overall I really like this and I'm happy I upgraded! It was cheaper than my old one and works much much better. Hopefully it will also last very long =)