Saturday, November 10, 2012

Makeup organizer by Caboodles

I have really been needing some type of organizer for my makeup, but I didn't want one of those rolling carts with like 10 drawers. Then it's still basically not organized, just hidden. I went to target and I found this super cute clear acrylic organizer in the makeup section. This is the only one I found for my desktop so I bought it. Here is how it looks:

After seeing this stuff organized looking so pretty and neat, I decided to buy another one, but this time I went to a different target in my area. They had another organizer by caboodles as well, just a different style. I haven't set it up yet with anything but here it is in its package:

These organizers are about $15, but they were worth it for me, because I am not too neat, so these things are a lifesaver.

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