Sunday, February 24, 2013

FOTD and Too Faced Glitter Glue

I recently went out to buy too faced glitter glue. It's a base for glitter that can be put over eyeshadow or on a bare eye. Here I applied it over a silver eyeshadow. It felt sticky on its own (of course) but the glitter over it came out beautiful. There was no creasing. The glitter did get a bit messy during application, but nothing a little sticky tape can't fix. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

FOTD + New makeup

Silver Liner for the day =) Milani metallic eyeliner. I hope you are all having a fabulous day!

 I scored some clearance makeup at target yesterday, the middle liner was used in today's MOTD. I also bought Mac's honeylove lipstick. The bottom pictures really show its true color, it is a super nice peachy/nude color.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to - Eyebrows UPDATED

Here is my revised eyebrow pictorial for you guys to follow! I hope it helps you =)
1. These are the products I will be using, smashbox midnight black eyeliner, urban decay eyeshadow in black market, and Sonia Kashuk concealer palette.

2. Start with a fresh eyebrow.

3. Using a slanted brush (like in picture 1), dip in eyeliner pot and make a line tracing the bottom of your eyebrow following its natural shape.

4. Clean off brush and with the remaining product make a lighter line following your brow shape from the inner corner and connect it to the first line.
5. Very lightly, make a pointy (or round) shape at the top of your eyebrow.

6. Take some urban decay shadow in black market using this brush.

7. Fill in your eyebrow lightly, but only in the outer half.

8. Outline your eyebrow with the Sonia Kashuk concealer.

9. Blend the concealer. You can even add some to the beginning of your eyebrow to lighten it (I did).

10. Show off your new brows!

Monday, February 18, 2013

MOTD-Missed you!

Hey all! Here are two recent makeup looks I created. I have not been able to photograph my makeup as I would like, due to my old camera not showing true colors and messing them all up. I have finally bought the canon rebel t4i and I am excited to create more looks and bring this blog back to life =)
This MOTD was done using bh cosmetics

I wore this makeup on valentine's day

I hope you all have a beautiful day. xoxox.

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